Who We Are

Teknuvo is a boutique outsourcing product development and software engineering agency with HQ in Boston, MA and offshore English-speaking operations in Eastern Europe. We provide vCTO services to the company founders or support the CTO office as an outsourced provider.

Our core team includes product managers, designers, full stack developers, front-end, mobile developers, data scientists, and data engineers. We worked together through many client projects and have established a solid productive communication and internal processes enabling us to deliver high quality results fast.

Teknuvo specialty is to take your idea and build the prototype, MVP, proof of concept, or the fully functioning market-ready product and help you raise the funds to bring the product to market.

What Makes Us Different

Our extensive entrepreneurship and technology expertise helps us design and engineer the right solution for your company and your market, beyond the code.

We don’t expect to receive a fully defined order – we share our extensive experience with you and help you design and develop the most valuable IP for your business.

Our President can join your company as a part-time CTO and bring in a turnkey product organization ready to develop your product within a month. The team can either report directly into you or can be completely managed by Teknuvo.

We’ve packed Personal full of powerful features to help showcase your work:

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